Hope you are doing well, I'm Alan Jeeves and this is a site all about me.

I'm a software developer, father, husband and a happy sole. Living in the south of England, enjoying living in a village by the coast.

I'm currently focusing my developing skills on PHP, Symfony framework, MySQL, JavaScript and React.

Personal Projects

Education & Work Experience

Hardworking, dedicated, self motivated, logical and quick learner who has 20 years professional experience of software development.

University studied though loves to self learn and progress organically


Design & Development
May 2019

I carried out a design refresh of the website 2involve.org.za, an South African non-profit organisation.

2INVOLVE was formed to advise and assist in the transformation of the criminal justice system, both in South Africa and beyond, with a view to improving community safety and reducing crime

I utilised the Bootstrap css framework on this website.


Shoreditch, London
June 2017 - Present

I'm the Server developer at this tech start up, attempting to disrupt the self storage industry by building THE marketplace for storage and parking.

I'm responsible for technology architecture, decisions and server side coding in PHP utilising the Symfony framework. Working closely with the design team and client development in React.


London Bridge, London
Senior Gaming
Automation Developer
Dec 2015 - May 2017

Senior developer helping to build tools and processes to automate and accelerate the creation of gambling games on multiple platforms.

Maintained and enhanced components within existing in-house game based on Google Web Toolkit / PlayN technology, developed in Java.

Maintained and enhanced a game maths UI editor, front end is JavaScript (Angular, JQuery), back end Java 8 (Spring).

Added features to a generic game engine developed in Java 8.

I was the team’s agile Scrum Master leading the development team’s agile practices.

Ash Gaming

London Bridge, London
Technical Lead
Oct 2005 - Dec 2015
Technical Lead

I lead the Flash development team, ensuring best practices and working with other teams within the production pipeline.

Developed several web applications in PHP that was used by QA and developers. Including a custom Flash based build and versioning application; several games lobbies for different client platforms; and modified open source wiki and bug tracking applications to fit our requirements.

Undertook a solo project to build a full gaming platform (Remote Gaming Server) which ran existing gaming engines and interfaced with external APIs for wallet transactions and RNG. This was built in Java.

Joined a team building games in pure Javascript and during developing games helped maintain a custom framework.

Joined a team that created a large slot and rendering framework on top of the Google Web Toolkit / PlayN technology, and developed slots using this technology.

Flash Developer

Developed slot frameworks and many video slot games, integrating into several platforms and APIs.

I was the company’s IT support manager for several years maintaining Windows server, web server and workstations.

Hired and managed dedicated IT staff.

Ash Luecker

Shoreditch, London
Junior Programmer
Sept 2002 - Oct 2005

Started as a junior programmer during my university Degree. Learning and programming Adobe Flash, creating new Flash educational and gambling games.

Developed a J2ME quiz game for BBC Bitesize, which was made available for a number of popular Nokia devices at the time.

Developed Flash gambling games for Gala Coral and other gambling websites.

University of Brighton

BSc Software Engineering
1999 - 2003

Bachelor of Science Degree focused on software development, included a year placement in tech industry


I have worked with Alan in Ash Gaming now for a number of years and I believe him to be extremely adaptable at using various technologies and languages. He is always willing to take on projects that may challenge him and always ensures he get up to speed using them. On many occasions he not be provided the necessary documentation or proper handover however this has not phased him which I believe shows he to be a strong character and person who is confident in their own abilities. One of Alan's main achievements within Ash Gaming was to define and improve the release procedure for or games which he did a fantastic job of and we are still using currently. Full credit to him!

Alison McEvoy
Linkedin - Nov 2015

Alan has been a part of Ash Gaming and Playtech since long before I joined, and his experience has proved invaluable when creating documentation and scripts for games, or for finding potential issues at any stage of the game creation process. Friendly and approachable, Alan brings a wealth of development knowledge to his role. He is able to meticulously think through a logical problem and come up with a realistic, workable solution, and is always happy to work with you to ensure that this solution is carried out in the most efficient manner possible.

Geoff Scaplehorn
Game Producer - Playtech
Linkedin - Nov 2015

I have worked with Alan since 2002 across many different roles and responsibilities at Ash Gaming. Alan has repeatedly shown he is keen to try new things and has worked on several different languages and projects from Flash, Javascript and some J2ME on client side to PHP, MySQL and Java for server side including working on creating a new gaming platform. He has created countless programs, tools and lobbies to make things easier and more efficient for other developers and QA and most of these are still being used regularly. It has been great working with him over the years and I think we can both be very pleased with what we have achieved over that time.

Daniel Triggs
Head of Engine Development and Integration - Playtech
Linkedin - Nov 2015

Alan is an innovator, constantly questioning and trying to improve on systems he develops - and even ones that he doesn't. Never one to settle for mediocrity, the phrase 'work smarter not harder' epitomises Alan, although he is a hard worker his eternal quest to improve upon process saves valuable time in the long run not just for himself, but for all those involved. His technical skill borders on genius and i have often been blown away by his developments and creative solutions. As a manger he gives his team the room to grow and develop while nurturing them from afar. I wish him the best in everything he does - although he does not need it.

Jacqui Nolan-Neylan
Operations Manager - Ash Gaming
Linkedin - June 2012